Amazing SiteGround Site Tools Overview (2019)

SiteGround Site Tools

SiteGround’s New Client Area and SiteGround Site Tools have been announced by SiteGround just before the end of July 2019. Some customers love these changes, others hate them. Taking into consideration the fact that I’ve been with SiteGround (with just a few breaks) since the year 2016, I decided to test SiteGround’s New Client Area …

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AliveBetter’s Speed Optimization Guide (2019)

WordPress Speed Optimization

Site loading speed is considered to be one of Google SEO factors. These days, there are many online tools which allow you measure your’s or anyone else’s site loading speed. Personally, I use 5 of those tools: GTmetrix, Google PageSpeed Insights, Pingdom Tools, WebPageTest, and Dotcom-Tools. In this guide, I will show you how you …

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Best WordPress Themes (2019)

Best WordPress Themes

One of the stages of creating any WordPress site is choosing the right template. This is the factor which determines the layout of your site. On the other hand, the layout influences on the number of readers and the time spent on site, which quite clearly translates into the amount of money earned.   What …

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How To Increase Memory Power

How To Increase Memory Power

Good concentration is one of the most important features of successful people. It is needed both at work and in business, as well as at school and college. So how can you improve your memory and concentration skills? The most effective solutions can be found below.   1. A Proper Diet   A proper diet …

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