IT / 14.11.2017

 Better life is not only about personal development and self improvement. In order to live better and become happier, you should also care about other aspects of your life. This article is just about one of them.Nowadays, people store quite big amount of data on their devices such as Macs, PCs, smartphones or laptops. How to protect your data against their loss? One of the easiest and the most effective solutions is to make a backup. There are a few possibilities how to do it.The first solution is to use a service called cloud backup. Fast Internet connections are very...

Personal Development / 14.10.2017

 Just over one year ago, I created blog and its Polish equivalent - Below, you will find the most important information and statistics concerning these blogs:almost 40 articles about making your life better - divided into 6 different categories nearly 70,000 pageviews visitors from 175 countries hundreds of likes and comments under my posts very good positions in search engines results - you can check it after visiting:,,, 40 pages long ebook "How To Make Your Life Better" - available for free download from here. I'm very satisfied that I helped some people improve their lives during that...

Health / 04.09.2017

 Good concentration is one of the most important traits of successful people. It is important in job, in business, at work, and at university. How can you improve your concentration and memory skills? The most effective solutions are gathered below:Take care of your diet - eat fruit, fish, and vegetables. Drink about 300 ml of water per 10 kg of your weight every day. 2 litres of water, which can be heard of or seen on TV, radio, and the Internet, is a huge generalization. Avoid eating sugar and confectionery. They can give energy only for a short period of...

IT / 12.08.2017

 A few weeks ago, I published an article containing the list of the best WordPress plugins. Today, you will learn how to speed up your WordPress site so it will be loading faster. Its Google rank should also be improved that way.Below, you will find screenshots with GTmetrix scores.Before starting the process:After completion: Here, you can see Pingdom results:California (before speeding up):California (after the process):Sweden (before the start):Sweden (after completion):Texas (before the process):Texas (after completion):Below, you will find step-by-step guide and you will learn how you can get similar or even better results than I did.[Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, which...