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This Write For Us page was created in order to give you some guidelines on how to submit a guest post on alivebetter.com.

But now you can say: “Does guest blogging make any sense? I’ve heard that Matt Cutts said these words:

Okay, I’m calling it: if you’re using guest blogging as a way to gain links in 2014, you should probably stop.

at the beginning of 2014.”

Yes, he did. I’ve heard that too 🙂

But here comes…


The Truth About Guest Blogging


Guest blogging (also known as guest posting) is one of the best ways for getting high-quality, editorial backlinks.

Adam Enfroy seems to be the best example to prove that theory.

He registered his domain name in January 2019 and he claims that he’d earned more than 35,000 USD in September 2019.


Through guest blogging…

Moreover, he doesn’t seem to care about his broken links (I’ve created one post during my broken link building campaign, sent him an email, but haven’t got any reply, and his broken link is still there…).

He also doesn’t care about his site’s loading speed and double 301 redirects.

And he makes 5 figures month by month anyway…

You can ask me again “How??”

So I’ll answer again: “Through guest blogging.”

Before I move forward to the main part of this article, I will show you 2 other examples of marketers who achieved huge success using guest posting technique.

SEMrush has published a case study of the company which achieved $200,000 monthly revenue from Google organic traffic.

How did they manage to achieve such goal?

The answer is clear – with guest blogging.

Neil Patel once said:

We grew the KISSmetrics blog to over 400,000 visitors a month, publishing blogs which mainly came from guest author contributions. We grew the Crazy Egg blog to over 100,000 visitors a month within a year…using the same strategy.


Popularity of Guest Blogging


Although Google theoretically denies guest blogging, nowadays almost every SEO & marketing blog recommends their readers to Google such phrases as:

  • write for us blogging,
  • submit a guest post blogging,
  • write for us marketing,
  • submit a guest post marketing,
  • write for us personal development,
  • submit a guest post personal development,

and submit guest posts on the sites found in the search results.


So if you were wondering why I decided to accept guest posts on my blog, you’ve just found the answers. 🙂


Write For Us (Submit A Guest Post) Guidelines For AliveBetter Blog Contributors


1. You should send me 2 or 3 topics you could write a post about (the topics should be relevant to my blog’s previous content).

2. Choose the topics which have not been raised on this blog so far.

3. Prepare your work using Google Docs and send me a link to your work (alternatively you can use Microsoft Word and send me the attachment).

4. Your guest post must be at least 700 words long (the more thoroughly you cover the topic, the better for both you and me).

5. I will publish your work as a guest post (here’s an example) and I’ll be updating it in the future (if you send me something else than your case study, of course 🙂 ).

6. You can include 1 or 2 backlinks to your content in the article (plus 1 link to your site in your author bio plus a few links to your social profiles).

You should include at least 1 link to some of my previous content (since internal links are also very important SEO factor).

You can also include a few relevant links to any existing websites.

7. Your content is placed on my blog permanently. I can delete it only if you decide to give up blogging anytime in the future or you try to get a backlink from me completely for free.


There was one guy who was looking for free guest posts opportunities, promised me to link back to my site, and then did nothing.

So I set the author of the post as it was mine and left the backlink to his blog, but if anyone is going to trick me in the future and tries to get a backlink totally for free, I’ll have two choices.

I can delete a backlink to your site and set the author of the post as it was mine.

Alternatively, I can delete your post completely.

I offered free guest post opportunity in the past, so you may be wondering why it’s paid now.

The answer is quite easy and obvious…

My blog’s current DR is equal to 42.

alivebetter.com - ahrefs - 2019-12-02

My link building campaigns show that 80 people out of 100 do not respond to an email, just 2-3 people out of 100 agree to give a backlink without any charges, and more than 15 people out of 100 claim the money from me. The amount is very different – it ranges from $30 to about $200-$300 per link!

And here are some examples of emails which I’ve received during my recent link building campaign: screen1, screen2, screen3.

All 3 requests of charges from the screenshots above come from the owners of average websites (DR between 30 and 50). So, we have to admit that they all went slightly overboard…

And now you can also take a look at the result of the Google search shown below.

how much is guest posting


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