The Reasons Why I Have Returned to Blogging - homepage - 2019

On August 26, 2019, after a 4.5-month break, I decided to go back to blogging. After returning, I devote the first article not only to explaining why I decided to return, but also to the reasons that caused (fortunately temporary) suspension.

As most Internet users probably know, in March 2019 the European Union approved the introduction of a copyright directive known in Poland as ACTA 2.

Internet users across the Union began to fear. Numerous protests did not help much, because the directive is going to be introduced anyway.

Many websites have announced that this will be the end of the Internet as we have known so far.

Of course, there is a risk that after the directive is introduced (at the latest 2 years after its approval by the European Parliament), most websites will disappear from the internet.

However, some sources say that owners of small businesses should not be afraid of the EU Copyright Directive. To the greatest extent it concerns prosperous businesses which are at least 3 years old, have an annual turnover of over 10 million euros and monthly website traffic exceeding 5 million visits.

Personally, I do not expect to make millions euros every year. 5 million website visits per month is also almost impossible. Along with the resumption of activity, I took up the challenge in which I intend to increase blog traffic to at least 100,000 visitors per month during the year.

The second reason of the April suspension of my activity was the very low blog traffic resulting primarily from a lack of knowledge and experience.

Knowledge and experience are gained over time.

As it comes to the EU law, there are two options – either it will not be as scary and restrictive as it was announced and then nothing will change or the restrictions will be introduced, but you will be able to bypass this law in a completely legal way.


Full time vs own business


After stopping the blog in April, I started to prepare for a full-time job quite quickly. I have had higher education for quite a long time, now I have supplemented it with (quite interesting and valuable, but also senseless) courses and certificates.

The first to go was Accenture and the position of Junior DevOps Analyst. There is nothing written about the previous experience in the content of the advertisement. Quite the opposite – it says:

“What do we expect from you?

At least one of the following points, if you have the desire to learn and develop, we will teach you the rest:

(…) “.

After I had prepared myself (not only from one, but from two points), I had a desire to learn and develop and applied for the position, a half-hour recruitment telephone conversation was carried out with me. After another few days I received an email with the information that they were looking for someone with high experience. 😮

The person who had interviewed me earlier was supposed to call (!) and inform me about the decision made, regardless of whether it was a positive or negative decision. Instead of calling, she sent an email (!) on Sunday, with the information mentioned above.

By the way, if a company is looking for people with experience, I assume that it is more about the position Mid / Regular or Senior DevOps Analyst / Engineer. On what occasion then a job advert for the junior position appeared on their site if they were not looking for anyone like that…?

I would not be surprised if the ad disappears from their site within a few days after publishing this article… (Update: The advertisement lasted a little longer than a few days, but after a month it is actually gone 😀 )

There is a reason why you can also find the opinion of a candidate who has applied for one position and found himself in a job interview for another one…

There is clearly no organization in this company… :/

Another interesting phenomenon are ads published regularly by IIIT, e.g. Junior Big Data DevOps Engineer and Junior / Regular Python Developer (Update: The ad for Junior Big Data DevOps Engineer has also disappeared…). According to those ads the company gives quite decent earnings (range 5,000 – 10,000 PLN per month). Interestingly, after going to and selecting any advertisement and clicking “Apply”, a form containing financial expectations of the candidate appears.

Despite the fact that the offers give a fairly high rate, the form starts with the option “up to PLN 2,000” 😮

IIIT application form

All the more it is frivolous in a city where renting a 20- or 30-meter 1-room apartment costs PLN 2000-3000 per month. Even if you find an ad with a flat for 1500 or 1900 PLN, it turns out that in addition to the bills, you need to add the rent (200-700 PLN monthly) to this amount…

Earnings below PLN 2,000 net monthly are the limits of the minimum wage, which in 2019 is PLN 2,250 gross monthly, i.e. approx. PLN 1,600 net.

With all due respect, I did not spend 6 years studying and did extra paid courses and certifications in order to work in any company for just 2,000 PLN per month... Click To Tweet

Ending employment issues in companies, it should be mentioned that some companies seek candidates allegedly for the junior position, but the candidate is required to have a year or even 2-3 years of commercial experience and be fluent in various tools and technologies. The proposed earnings are the same as in the junior position (the only question is whether the actual earnings have any coverage with those declared in the ads).

It is best if the candidate is 25-30 years old, knows everything, can do everything, he has 5-10 years of commercial experience and it would be great if he agreed to work for PLN 1500-2000 net per month…

For me it's a circus. The thing is, I'm not going to be an idiot that would appear in that circus... Click To Tweet

Finally, it should also be mentioned that programming companies often require readiness for domestic and foreign trips. The thing is that the quite often recurring migraine does not allow me for such long and frequent trips outside Poland, let alone outside Europe.




After a fairly short try to become a full-time software developer and after gaining new knowledge and after a few new ideas about the blog I return to my activity.

I have a desire to learn and develop all the time, but it is definitely not a development towards becoming an employee in any company. Click To Tweet