The Most Important Rules Of Interpersonal Communication

The Most Important Rules Of Interpersonal Communication


Many people might come to problems in relations with people (family, friends etc.) sooner or later. In this article you will find the most important rules which can improve your interpersonal communication.

  • If you meet someone, greet them with joy and smile.
  • During the conversation try to listen more and speak less.
  • Keep positive attitude.
  • Keep an eye contact.
  • Bear in mind that everyone wants to be listened and merits full attention and respect.
  • Don’t prove that you are always right. That way you might discourage someone from you.
  • Don’t blame and don’t criticize others.
  • If you have to criticize anyone, tell them something good, then something bad and another good thing. That way your critique will not hurt them as much.
  • Criticize someone’s negative behaviour, not the person.
  • Be forgiving for people.
  • If someone makes you angry, wait one, two or three days instead of attacking that person. Your emotions will go down and that way you could avoid saying something unpleasant.
  • You should solve disagreements with honest and calm conversation. If someone is really important for you, it is worth to compromise.
  • Avoid “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth” method.
The Most Important Rules Of Interpersonal Communication
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  1. It seems very simple and so obvious, but in practice almost no one thinks about it.
    It’s a really short, great and helpful article 🙂


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