Rank Math vs Yoast SEO: The Complete Comparison (2020)

Rank Math vs Yoast SEO

Rank Math vs Yoast SEO – this comparison is getting more and more exciting among bloggers every day.


Because RankMath is supposed to be one of the best WordPress SEO plugins these days. Some people even find it to be the best one of them all.

Personally, I tested Rank Math some time ago, and I wasn’t especially amazed by this plugin. However, as time goes by, there are more and more amazing reviews of RankMath.

And this is the reason why I decided to test it one more time and to create this interesting Rank Math vs. Yoast SEO comparison post.

Let’s get started!


What Is Rank Math?


As I’ve mentioned before, Rank Math is currently supposed to be one of the best SEO plugins for WordPress.

What’s the most interesting, it has many more features than Yoast SEO Premium, it’s available in a free version only, and it’s quite a new WordPress plugin – the first version of Rank Math was released in 2018!


Rank Math Features Overview


This section contains a complete Rank Math vs Yoast SEO plugin features overview.


404 Error Monitor


Although removing 404 errors is not a crucial SEO factor, it’s highly recommended to look for them from time to time and remove them or replace them with working links.

404 Error Monitor allows you to find all broken links on your site.

For comparison, Yoast SEO does not provide this feature at all.

On the other hand, you can easily find broken links using any broken link checker available online, Site Audit feature from Ahrefs, or Broken Link Checker WordPress plugin.

Fortunately, Google search engine does not pay too much attention to 404 errors. In other words, this is not too strong WordPress SEO factor.


Automated Image SEO


In order to make your site visible in Google Images results, you should use proper filenames, title tags, and alt tags for your images. The most time-consuming task of them all is to give the files proper names.

Rank Math has a feature of automatic filling up these tags using some predefined patterns.

But truth to tell, if you have to set your filenames manually one by one, you can quickly fill up alt and title tags with the copy and paste method.

Additionally, when I tried to use this feature, it wasn’t working for me as I expected.


XML Sitemap


Creating an XML sitemap is probably one of the basic features of each contemporary SEO plugin.

Yoast SEO creates a sitemap_index.xml file together with a few separate files for posts, pages, categories, etc.

Rank Math works exactly the same way in this area, so this is a huge advantage of this plugin.


Rich Snippet Support


RankMath is offering these 13 types of rich snippets: Article, Book, Course, Event, Job Posting. Music, Product, Recipe, Restaurant, Video, Person, Service, Software Application.

This feature allowed me to get such an interesting result, as shown on the screenshot below.

Rank Math - alivebetter.com - rich snippet

Furthermore, this one change improved my blog post’s position from the number 13 to the 5th spot on Google in just a few minutes!

Rank Math - alivebetter.com - SERPmojo - Google ranking improvement

So, if I had to compare Yoast SEO vs Rank Math SEO plugin, the second one is the clear winner in this area!


Ping Search Engines


Pinging search engines when you update your old post or add a new one is very important for faster indexing of your content.

Fortunately, both Rank Math and Yoast SEO have this feature implemented and activated by default.


SEO Analysis Tool Based On 40 Factors


This is the result of Rank Math’s SEO analysis of my website.

Rank Math - SEO Analysis

Although this feature is quite useful, you can get very similar results using online SEO checkers such as SEOptimer or SEO Site Checkup.


Local SEO Optimization


This feature is, obviously, especially crucial for the owners of local businesses.

If we compare Rank Math with Yoast SEO in this area, the latter one can offer this feature with a paid add-on only.

In the plugin reviewed in this article, it is available for free.


Advanced Redirection Manager


Redirecting URL addresses is especially useful when you decide to change the URL address of any of your posts or to delete it.

In order to avoid driving your visitors and search engines’ crawlers to the empty page with a 404 error, you should use a 301 redirect from the old URL to the new one (alternatively, to your homepage).

This feature is available with many different plugins.

If you use Rank Math, you don’t need any extra tool for this purpose.


Highly Customizable Breadcrumbs


Breadcrumbs are quite an important ranking factor since they help search engines understand the structure of your website.

This feature is available with both plugins mentioned in this article.


Redirect Attachments to Their Parent Posts


This is how RankMath clarifies the importance of redirecting attachments to their parent posts:

Your attachments can accumulate links over time. You can take advantage of this untapped SEO opportunity by using the Redirect Attachment feature in Rank Math. This feature redirects your attachments to a post of your choice to give it an extra boost in the SERPs.

It’s hard to say that it would be an unreasonable solution.

This feature is available with both WordPress SEO plugins, which are compared in this article.


Facebook Automatic Open Graph


Facebook Open Graph tags contain an image, a URL address, a title, and a description of the page. When someone shares your post on Facebook, the Open Graph tags are used for filling particular fields.

These days, almost every WordPress SEO plugin (including Rank Math) implements the Open Graph tags for Facebook.


Google, Bing, Alexa, Yandex & Pinterest Verification Tool


Similarly to Open Graph tags, almost every SEO plugin is offering verification tools for web search engines nowadays.

The interesting part is that although I haven’t put any verification codes except the one for Google, I get visitors from Google, Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, and Baidu on a regular basis.


Twitter Meta Cards


As you’ve just read above, there are some tags created particularly for Facebook sharing.

And there is also some similar information for Twitter, which is called Twitter Cards.

This functionality is also available with the majority of contemporary SEO plugins.


Control Robots Meta On All Posts, Pages Or Custom Post Types


This point is explained by Rank Math in the following way:

Sometimes it makes business sense to omit specific pages from the search results. Rank Math lets you specify default Robots Meta to be used on all post types and then override them individually for maximum control.

Although this functionality is available in almost every SEO plugin, it’s great that it is implemented here.


Add Knowledge Graph Meta Data


If you’ve spent some time in your life browsing through the web, I’m sure you’ve noticed a Knowledge Graph card at least a few times.

Luckily for you, if you’re going to use Rank Math as your SEO plugin, you’ll be able to fill the required information for your future Knowledge Graph card and get some additional traffic this way.


Compatibility With WooCommerce


WooCommerce is a very popular platform that allows its users to create online stores.

Rank Math is fully compatible with WooCommerce. As a result, you’ll be able to rank your product pages higher in search engines’ results.


Compatibility With Easy Digital Downloads


Easy Digital Downloads is another top-rated, excellent WordPress plugin for the owners of online stores.

This plugin is really helpful for those who sell digital products such as ebooks or video courses.

If you are one of such people, Rank Math may help you optimize your products for higher visibility.


Choose Your Separator Character


This option allows you to choose a separator which will be displayed by search engines between your posts’ titles and your site name.


Choose A Primary Category


Similarly to Yoast SEO, Rank Math allows you to choose one or more categories for each of your posts.


Social Previews


This feature allows you to see how your content is going to look like on Facebook and Twitter before you actually share it.


Post Preview On Google


With this feature, you’ll be able to see how your post is going to look like in Google’s search results (there’s a preview for both desktop and mobile devices).

The last few subsections of my Rank Math vs. Yoast SEO plugin comparison give a tie.


.htaccess Editor


Although personally, I am a big opponent of .htaccess file and any Apache-based web hosting, the majority of hosting companies use Nginx servers combined with Apache or just the Apache itself.

If you use any hosting provider other than Kinsta (which means you probably have an Apache-based server), you also have a .htaccess file in your website’s home directory.

Although you can easily edit this file using WP File Manager plugin, Rank Math also allows you to do the same.


robots.txt Editor


When it comes to robots.txt file, which you can also edit using WP File Manager, RankMath allows you to edit it too.


Strip Category Base


This option helps websites’ owners remove /category from the URLs.

If you decide to use it, your URLs will become more user-friendly and SEO-friendly.


Remove Stopwords


This feature automatically removes common stop words like ‘a,’ ‘and,’ ‘the’ from the URLs.

Although this is not necessary from any point of view, it’s recommended to use it anyway.


Focus Keyword & Content Analysis


At this point, you might think that this plugin is a perfect SEO solution for everyone.

And, in some sense, you could be right!

In theory, Rank Math allows you to use significantly more than just one focus keyword for your content optimization. In practice, you can actually set multiple focus keywords.

But the most interesting part of this section is to take a look at how this plugin does the content analysis for a few keyphrases.

What turns out, you can actually set more than one focus keyword, but the analysis of your content will be well done only for the first one of them all…

Just take a look at the screenshots below.

Rank Math - keyword 1

Rank Math - keyword 2

Rank Math - keyword 3

According to Rank Math, “is Yoast Premium worth it” has a content optimization score = 81/100, but a very similar phrase (“Yoast Premium worth it”) has only 30/100! 😮

Furthermore, this value (30/100) is displayed for each focus keyword from my list except the first one. 😮 😮

I checked it for a few different posts, and the issue occurred every time.

So, what’s the solution to this issue?

If you want to check your content optimization score for more than one keyphrase, you should set just one keyword, write and optimize your post for it, and then remove that keyword and set another one in its place.

This is the only solution for this moment.

But as a matter of fact, it’s quite a serious bug in this plugin’s code, and I hope it will be fixed soon. ?

Going back to my Rank Math vs Yoast SEO plugin comparison, this time, we could say that Yoast is a winner.

On the other hand, bear in mind that Rank Math is a plugin that is available in a free version only (there’s no premium version at all).

The free version of Yoast allows you to set only 1 focus keyword. If you’d like to set more, you’d have to buy a premium version of this WordPress SEO plugin.

So, is there any sense in using Yoast SEO plugin?

Not necessarily…


Rank Math SEO Plugin – Screenshots


In this section of the article, I will show you a few Rank Math SEO plugin screenshots from my WordPress dashboard.

Using Yoast SEO requires you to go through the configuration wizard at the beginning.

And you should do the same if you decide to install and activate RankMath.

If I had to compare a setup wizard of a free version of Yoast with a setup wizard of Rank Math SEO plugin, they are quite similar.

So here are the screenshots with Rank Math’s setup wizard.

Rank Math - wizard 01

Rank Math - wizard 02

In step number 2 (Search Console), you can authorize Rank Math plugin to access data from your Google Search Console account.

Rank Math - wizard 03

Next, you have a few basic settings associated with your future sitemap files.

What’s interesting, when I was using Yoast SEO, I noticed that the plugin wasn’t pinging any changes of my content automatically (although it does it in theory).

Since I have switched to Rank Math plugin, my blog posts get reindexed by Google much more frequently!

Rank Math - wizard 04

Rank Math - wizard 05

Rank Math - wizard 06


Rank Math SEO Plugin Settings


As it comes to Rank Math settings, I will show you just a few examples on my screenshots.

Rank Math plugin has a very detailed online documentation, so you will be able to find the explanations of every feature of this plugin.

Rank Math - settings and tools 01

Rank Math - settings and tools 02

Rank Math - settings and tools 03

Here, you can see Search Console data from your Google Search Console account.

Rank Math - Google Search Console overview

At the bottom of each of your posts, you can set up schema markups for them.

And this is the schema markup which helped me achieve an interesting result which I’ve shown you before.

Rank Math - schema settings 01

Rank Math - schema settings 02


Rank Math vs Yoast SEO – Quick Summary


So what is the outcome of this Yoast SEO vs Rank Math comparison?

Although both these plugins have many features in common, Yoast SEO is available in a free and premium version, while Rank Math is an entirely free plugin!

Its only downside is a bug associated with content analysis optimization for more than just one focus keyword.

Except for this one issue, it is a really amazing plugin!

Rank Math was going to be a plugin with all the bells and whistles as it comes to search engine optimization. Its user interface may seem slightly more complicated compared to Yoast SEO plugin because of the multitude of all those tabs, switches, fields, etc.

On the other hand, you can spend a few hours (or even a few days) configuring Rank Math, and your SEO results will be much better than before.

Google Search Console data integration and schema markup settings for each of your posts are very useful, and they can help you rank higher in Google search engine results.

All in all, its schema markup editor turned out to be the most valuable feature during my tests.

And I will stress it again – Rank Math is a completely free plugin (there is no premium version at the moment of this writing), which has many more features and brings much better results than Yoast SEO (no matter free or paid).

From my point of view, using Rank Math SEO plugin is a much better choice than using Yoast no matter whether you are already an experienced blogger or not yet. Click To Tweet

Truth to tell, you should start using Rank Math SEO just after you register your domain name, choose your web host, and start blogging at all.