Link Opportunity For My Readers

Link Opportunity

Since I started blogging in the middle of 2016, I’ve received tens or even hundreds of so-called outreach emails.

There were many people who wanted to get a backlink from my blog in exchange for nothing! Some of them offered me just a Facebook or Twitter share.

It’s clearly not a win-win situation…

Every blogger should know that the number of referring domains is one of the most important SEO factors (and maybe even the most important one) these days! Click To Tweet

The following screenshot comes from

Number of referring domains SEO factor - backlinko

Taking into consideration that research and my previous experience, I decided to create a few rules for people who will be going to get a backlink from my blog in the future.


Rules For Email Outreach


1. You can get not only one but even two backlinks from me – one from and the other one from domain.

2. You will not get any backlink from me if you want to get it for free or just for share.

3. I will give you 2 backlinks from 2 separate domains, but I expect you to link to at least one of my articles which are published on (I do not require a link to my Polish blog from anyone; why would you link to Polish site if you have a non-Polish one?).

4. I will choose one of your articles which I will link to, and you will choose one of my posts which you will link to (sometimes it may be just homepage, not the article).

5. I will find a place for a backlink to your site in my content. Otherwise, I will create a heading such as ‘Must-Read [topic] Guides & Resources’ and will link to you from there.

6. Only good-quality sites accepted.

7. I do not send neither do accept guest posts.

8. I have a spreadsheet with all the backlinks exchanged with other bloggers. There are also tools to monitor newly created and deleted backlinks. If you delete a link to my blog in the future for no apparent reason, I will delete both backlinks to your site.

Summing up, you will give me a backlink from one domain, and you will get two backlinks from two domains. They are hosted on the same server, but they are hidden behind Cloudflare proxy so they have different IP addresses. You can check it using any website IP address checker.

If you take into consideration what I’ve written above, that’s a really great opportunity for you! 🙂


What About Reciprocal Links Penalty?


Some time ago, Ahrefs published a research on reciprocal links. As it turns out, reciprocal links are quite natural phenomenon on the Web. Every website has some percentage of reciprocal links! The thing is not to overdo it.

You can also read some information about reciprocal links on or

Truth to tell, there is nothing to worry about.

I think you have probably noticed how often I link to other sites.

I do not inform them about this fact.

I do not require a backlink from them.

If you do the same, you will have a lot of links which are not reciprocal.

It’s good to know that outbound links can also be one of important SEO factors.

If you create high-quality content, link to many different sites, and share your work on social media, people will finally notice your endeavour and start linking to you.

And if you are still afraid of this tactic, keep searching. There are hundreds or even thousands blogs on the Web where you can get a backlink from for free or just for share. 🙂