Kinsta Review (Best Possible Choice In 2020)


Kinsta is a premium hosting provider based on Google Cloud Platform. For many of their customers (including me) this is the number 1 hosting provider in the world!

During my blogging career, I’ve switched my hosting providers many times (you can check it here). - DomainTools - hosting changes

Some time ago, I wrote an article about the best web hosting providers in the world. Finally, I switched to Kinsta and decided to write my own Kinsta review.

So let’s start with performance overview!


Kinsta Performance


Every Kinsta customer has access to up to 96 CPU cores and more than 100 GB of RAM.

Kinsta - CPU RAM

This specification is available for all pricing packages including the cheapest one (which costs just $30 monthly)!

Kinsta pricing 2019

If you have a website with small traffic or you don’t have any website yet, you may be wondering why you would need such powerful server.

When I was a beginner in blogging, I thought the same way.

Until my sites started getting 2,000-3,000 daily visitors.

Then, my SiteGround GoGeek account turned out to be too weak.

SiteGround - resources usage - 18.10.2019

SiteGround - CPU time limit exceeded

SiteGround Cloud server for $80 monthly also wasn’t powerful enough.

SiteGround - cloud hosting - CPU usage 02

SiteGround - cloud hosting - RAM usage 02

If I wanted to keep using that server, I would have to keep an eye out for resources usage and pay more money for more powerful server in the near future.

Furthermore, there would be some risk of my sites going down because of excessive resources usage…

Moving my blogs to Cloudways was not very helpful too.

The cheapest DigitalOcean server ($10/mo) had too many CPU spikes and too much used RAM.

Cloudways - DigitalOcean 1 GB - CPU usage

Cloudways - DigitalOcean 1 GB - RAM usage

2 GB server would have more RAM but the same CPU, so it wouldn’t be good solution.

4 GB server ($42/mo) was good at that day,

Cloudways - DigitalOcean 4 GB - CPU usage

Cloudways - DigitalOcean 4 GB - RAM usage

but it surely would be too weak in case of potential traffic spikes…

Since the time of switching to Kinsta, I don't have to care about traffic spikes anymore. Click To Tweet

As it comes to performance, you can also check my results of website loading speed tests and easily compare them with other hosting providers.

It’s also good to know that Kinsta is a company which has won reviewsignals’ performance benchmarks in every price category for the last 5 years!


Kinsta Security


Since Kinsta uses Google Cloud Platform for storing customers’ websites, those websites are very secure. All in all, this is the same technology which is responsible for Google’s and YouTube’s security and performance.

Sites hosted with Kinsta are protected by Google Cloud Platform Firewall.

If you choose Kinsta, you will get DDOS and malware protection without additional fees. Furthermore, they are offering a security guarantee, so they will repair the damage for free in case of potential attacks.


Does Kinsta Have Any Disadvantages?


Many potential Kinsta customers consider Kinsta’s list of banned plugins to be one of their biggest disadvantages. For me, it is not a disadvantage at all!

I have my own list of WordPress plugins which I use on my blogs. I can recommend using them everyone! What’s interesting, none of these plugins is contained in the list of plugins forbidden by Kinsta!

The second thing which is considered to be a disadvantage for some potential customers, are overage fees, especially for those who might exceed the monthly limits of visitors.

From my own experience, I can tell you one thing – there’s nothing to worry about.

I prefer paying extra charges for overage traffic than worry about CPU and RAM restrictions. And I know that thousands of medium and big traffic sites' owners would tell you the same. Click To Tweet

However, if you’d like to block some bad bots before they reach your server and slightly reduce the number of visitors to your sites, I recommend you using Cloudflare as a CDN.


Kinsta Review – Quick Summary


Kinsta is an amazing hosting company which provides great performance, security level and professional technical support.

After 3 years of blogging and about 20 changes of my hosting provider, I decided to stay with Kinsta. Maybe it is slightly more expensive than Cloudways or any shared hosting, but it brings much higher value for that price.

So now, my blogs are hosted at Kinsta together with the sites of such companies as: Ricoh, Ubisoft, Buffer, TripAdvisor, GeneratePress.

Kinsta Google Cloud Platform customers

At the end, I want to share with you my two recent, interesting findings.

1. Kinsta has 95% 5.0/5.0 reviews on TrustPilot. 2% of them are 4.0/5.0, and only 2% are 2.0/5.0 and 1.0/5.0.

kinsta trustpilot reviews

2. There’s a site called Feature Updates on domain. If there is any new feature or improvement, it will be described there. Usually, there is at least one update every month.

It's quite interesting that the company which initially seemed to be very unreasonable choice turned out to be one of the best possible choices. Click To Tweet

If that service was a bad choice, I wouldn’t stay with them for a longer period of time. And probably they wouldn’t get so many positive reviews…