Is Yoast Premium Worth It? An Honest Review (2020)

Is Yoast Premium Worth It

“Is Yoast Premium Worth It?” I’m almost sure that you’ve asked yourself this question if you are one of the users of this popular WordPress plugin.

Personally, I started using Yoast SEO a few years ago.

My first SEO plugin was All in One SEO Pack. Although it was quite good, I was absolutely delighted after testing a free version of Yoast SEO.

But what about a premium version of this plugin?


Yoast SEO Free vs Premium


In order to compare free and premium version of Yoast SEO, I will refer to website.


Focus Keywords


In the free version of this plugin, you can set only 1 focus keyword. Yoast Premium allows you to set up to 5 focus keywords.

You should ask yourself whether you really need to set more than 1 focus keyword or not.

Truth to tell, setting focus keywords does not improve your SEO any way. It just helps you to check what you could improve in your post in order to rank it higher and for more keywords.

But here’s another problem – in order to get the maximum results of your efforts, you should include each of your focus keywords in the title and description of your page. You should also repeat it a few times in your content.

In other words, you should create a separate post for each of your focus keywords.

So does it make sense to set a few focus keywords and try to optimize one article for all of them?

In my opinion, it does not.


Preview of Your Page


A free version of Yoast can show you only a Google preview of your post. A premium one can show you additionally Facebook and Twitter previews.

This is quite interesting feature, but not necessary in your everyday life.


Readability Check


This feature works the same way in both free and paid versions of Yoast SEO.


Works Great With Gutenberg And Classic Editor


Both versions of Yoast are fully compatible with Gutenberg and Classic Editor.


Internal Linking Suggestions


This feature is available with Yoast Premium only.

However, I do not find it to be absolutely needed.

Personally, I remember what I’ve written about on my blog in the past.

Besides, there’s a great WordPress plugin called Ivory Search. It was created in order to add a search field to any WordPress site so it allows you to easily find whatever you want on your blog.


Redirect Manager


This is the next function available with Yoast Premium only.

Fortunately, there are also free WordPress plugins such as Redirection which allow you to add the same functionality to your site without spending any money.


Focus Keyword Export


This feature might be needed for some people, but there are also various backup plugins and services such as BlogVault.

Every premium hosting provider such as Cloudways, Kinsta, and SiteGround offer free backup for their customers.

So do you really need this Yoast feature?

You should answer this question yourself. 🙂




It’s also good to know that Yoast Premium is completely free of ads.

On the other hand, a free version of the plugin displays a few non-intrusive ads when you go to settings of the plugin.


Compatibility With Google’s Algorithm Changes


Both free and paid versions of Yoast SEO are fully compatible with recent Google’s algorithm updates.


Is Yoast Premium Worth It?


So, is Yoast SEO Premium really worth it? In my opinion, it is not.

I started using a free version of Yoast a few years ago. Then I tested Yoast Premium for just a few days, and then I decided to get my money back.

Obviously, I have also tested a few other SEO plugins such as Squirrly and Rank Math, but Yoast is by far the best one of them all.

If you want to know whether Yoast Premium is worth your money or not, you should ask yourself a question whether it makes any sense to spend $89 yearly (for each of your sites) for that plugin.

Since from my point of view, the price is by far too high, and the features are not important and obligatory enough to pay for.