Is Immortality Possible And Achievable Today?

Is Immortality Possible And Achievable Today?


A few days ago, I found very interesting publication on the Internet. The author describes his works related to immortality.

How would it be possible to become immortal? The majority of people think about it to be achievable thanks to any medical cure/supplement. Jan Pająk, the author of the publication, is Polish physicist and ufologist and he has quite different approach to the topic – he is going to construct time vehicles which would allow anyone to shift their time back from the old age to youth.

It may be nonsense for some people, but somebody else would back this idea up.

Tens or hundreds years ago no-one expected cars, airplanes, computers, the Internet, mobile phones. A phone call and a live broadcast were completely abstract…. Today almost everyone can use it.

Time vehicles are not ready and finished solution yet. Anyway, here’s a link to the publication I have found:

This is quite difficult so I recommend you only to skim through it and then read the points K3-L1 (pages 116-119).

Is Immortality Possible And Achievable Today?
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