InstaZood – Best Instagram Followers App (2018)

Instazood - Best Instagram Followers App

Instazood is one of the best platforms for getting real followers on Instagram. This platform provides you possibility of automatic following and unfollowing of particular profiles, as well as automatic liking and commenting on photos of those people.

This is one of the methods described briefly in the article about getting Instagram followers. What is more interesting, this is the method used for by vasily17 from, who has made a fortune at a young age using this method.

Fortunately, you don’t have to spend $100 a month on any middleman who would manage the platform. After reading this article, you will be able to personally manage your own account without giving your login and password to anyone (as this is the requirement on

The effects you get will be identical or very similar to those which you would get on fiverr. Most importantly – the cost of maintaining the platform is just $10 a month! The money that will last almost a year to maintain the Instazood platform, you would have to spend in just one month on … So the savings are really big 🙂


Signing Up And Basic Setup Of The Platform


1. Click this link.

During the first visit, you should additionally click Sign up and fill in a short registration form. This way you will get access to InstaZood platform and 3 free days for carrying out some tests.

How to Get More Instagram Followers

2. After signing up and logging into the platform, you should add your own Instagram account to it.

The procedure is quite short – all you have to do is enter your login, password and verification code, which you will receive by e-mail or SMS from Instagram. If the application on your smartphone displays information that someone has just tried to log in to your account, click “Yes, it was me”.

3. Then you should provide information that will allow you to increase the number of your followers.

InstaZood is following various profiles day by day and likes their posts on your behalf. As a result, those people can follow you back and like your photos. As a source of profiles that InstaZood will follow on your behalf, you can enter: popular accounts (ones that have pictures similar to yours, but much larger number of followers), hash-tags, locations (city, country, town, square, building etc. ).

InstaZood Add Target

This platform, as one of the few, displays conversions of individual targets. You can add about 20 sources of follower acquisition and compare conversions. Then you can leave the sources with the highest conversion, and stop those with a smaller or even completely delete them.

InstaZood is one of several platforms used to increase the number of followers, likes and comments on your profile. Compared to other platforms, InstaZood brings the best results, has a quite intuitive interface and costs little, just $9.99 a month. For this amount, you can expect up to 100 new real followers every day.

If you want to save some money for acquiring followers, you can make a payment in advance for a year or even longer. This way you will save up to 20% of invested money!

InstaZood pricing

If you have more than one Instagram account, you can also add them to the platform.

Instagram has a limit on the number of people you can follow and it is around 7,500. Most platforms follow up to 7,000 people, and then they start unfollowing of previously added profiles.

InstaZood gives you the opportunity to exclude from the unfollowing phase those people who you don’t want to be unfollowed – your family, friends, etc. This function has been called White list. You can find more information about it in one of the next paragraphs.

InstaZood can additionally like and comment posts and “watch” Insta Stories.

Below you will find screenshots with the optimal settings of the InstaZood platform. I have to admit that I have tested many platforms of this kind in my entire life and this one is definitely the best of them. By the way, it is one of the cheapest tools of this type.


How To Configure The Platform For The Best Possible Results


InstaZood settings have been divided into 5 groups in the form of separate tabs.

4. The first tab, “Actions”, allows you to change the basic settings of the platform.

“Activity speed” is a list containing 3 options: Slow, Normal, Fast. It’s best to choose the “Fast” option. In one of the next steps I will show you how to set the exact limit.

“Follow + like” means that InstaZood will be liking photos of profiles previously followed by the platform. “Comment + likes” allows you to automatically comment on previously followed accounts.

“Viewing stories + likes” views the Insta Stories of other users and leaves additional likes on their profiles.

“Min likes” and “Max likes” define the minimum and maximum number of likes on a particular profile.

“Night pause” – this option stops the activity for about 3-4 hours just after midnight. It is worth using it, because the real users do not usually like and follow 24 hours a day.

InstaZood Settings 01 2018

5. Let’s go to the “Filters” tab.

“Check gender” – this option allows you to follow people of a specific gender (men or women only).

“Media age” – age of photos and videos which you want to be found by InstaZood.

“Skip used accounts” – this option prevents the same profiles from being followed / liked / commented twice.

“Max followers”InstaZood will interact with only those profiles which have no more followers than the number given here.

“Min posts” – only profiles having at least the number of photos / videos specified here will be interacted with.

“Skip accounts with a web site” – this option allows you to skip profiles containing a link to any page.

“Select Languages” – it allows targeting based on the language of users’ accounts. This language is determined based on users’ bio and descriptions under their photos.

“Skip 10% accounts” skips 10% of profiles, because no one would follow 100% of profiles from a given niche.

“Skip private users” – skips private accounts.

“Max following” is the maximum number of people followed by your potential targets. If someone has over 2,000 followers or follows over 2,000 people himself, he probably uses a platform similar to this one. In this case, the chances that the person will follow you back and like your posts, are much smaller.

“Skip business accounts” – InstaZood will not follow business accounts with this setting.

“Skip accounts with phone number” – skips profiles with 7 or more digits in your bio.

“Use unknown language” – if this option is selected, the system will follow users whose language can not be recognized on the basis of bio and descriptions under the pictures.

“Black list” – this is a list of users with whom you do not want to enter into any interaction.

“Stop words” – a list similar to the one above, but based on specific keywords instead of specific user names.

InstaZood Settings Filters

6. The next tab – “Unfollow”.

“Unfollow scheduling” – allows you to specify the hours in which unfollowing should take place.

“Keep personal following” – it’s worth to mark this option so that you do not accidentally unfollow the closest people (family and friends).

“Following threshold” – this is the maximum number of people you want to reach (Instagram allows you to follow up to 7,500 profiles).

“Do likes” – likes of photos active during the unfollowing phase.

“Min following days” – the minimum number of days that people should be follow before unfollowing them.

“Do comments” – active commenting during unfollowing.

“Unfollow number” – maximum number of profiles that the system should unfollow after reaching the “Following threshold”.

“Do viewing stories” – this option allows for viewing Stories during unfollowing.

“White list” – this is a list of users who should not be unfollowed by the platform. It is highly recommended to add any profile you want to follow to this list, e.g. family, friends, etc.

InstaZood Settings 03 2018

7. Another tab – “Comment”.

There is no need to change anything here. You can only add your own comments if you want.

InstaZood Settings Comments

8. The last tab with settings – “Limits”.

The options gathered here are so clear and obvious that, in principle, there is no need to describe them separately. 🙂

InstaZood Settings 04 2018

You can try to set “Follow/day” and “Likes/day” to 1000, and “Follow/hour” and “Likes/hour” to 50. Try not to exceed these values, because Instagram can remove or block your account.

Also, do not exceed 200 comments per day and 10 per hour if you’re interested in the photo commenting option.


How To Find Popular Accounts On Instagram


This part of the article has been written for people who don’t know how to find popular accounts on Instagram.

Let’s get started.


Example 1.


1. Open the Instagram app and click the search icon. Look for a hashtag relevant to the content you share. If you have an automotive profile, you can search for “cars”.

Instagram 01

2. Browse through the Top Posts and take a look at a number of likes and a number of people following the profile.

Instagram 02 Instagram 03 Instagram 04

3. Tap the button located to the right of the Follow button. You will then see suggested profiles with similar photos.

Instagram 05

4. Visit those profiles and check whether they are the right source of potential followers for you.

Instagram 06

Instagram 07

After finding the right sources of potential followers, add them to the InstaZood platform.


Example 2.


Below is an example for the “porsche” hashtag:

1. Look for the “porsche” hashtag.

Instagram 08

Instagram 09

2. Browse through the Top Posts.

Instagram 10

3. Check numbers of followers and likes.

Instagram 11

Instagram 12

Instagram 13


Example 3.


The following example is about the “fitnessgirl” hashtag.

Instagram 14

Instagram 15

Instagram 16

Instagram 17

Instagram 18


Exapmle 4.


The last example – “landscape” hashtag.

Instagram landscape Top Posts 01

Instagram landscape Top Posts 02

Instagram landscape Top Posts 03

Instagram landscape Top Posts 04

Instagram landscape Top Posts 05

Instagram landscape Top Posts 06

Instagram landscape Top Posts 07




After this quite long article, you already know how to set up the InstaZood platform. I hope that this knowledge combined with the other methods of getting real followers on Instagram, will help you achieve desired results. 🙂