How To Get More Instagram Followers (2018)

How To Get More Instagram Followers

As you might have noticed before, there are many Instagram accounts created not so long time ago and having thousands of real followers. There are also older accounts with small number of followers, likes and comments. What is the reason of that situation?

The answer is that there are people who don’t want to be recognizable and they don’t want to have more likes, comments and followers. There are also people who would like to get it, but don’t know how to do it.

For the second group of those people, I have solutions which will significantly increase the number of followers, likes and comments on their Instagram accounts.

The most interesting thing – the first of these methods is used by vasily17 from!

Let’s get started!


How To Get Thousands Real Followers On Instagram


Software Method – Using A Bot


This method involves the use of a bot (eg InstaZood) that follows and unfollows profiles that meet certain criteria. Additional actions that a bot can take is to like and comment on photos and “watch” Insta Stories.

A detailed description of this method can be found in the article describing the InstaZood platform.


21 General Tips For Getting More Followers On Instagram


1. Choose a theme for your profile.

Whether it is your personal or business account, you should choose a theme/niche for your future posts and stick to it. It may be cooking, travelling, your personal life, hobbies, sport activities, animals etc. Choose whatever you like (it may be more than one niche) and try to add posts relevant to your niche.

2. Take some time to adjust your bio to your profile.

Spend some time adjusting your profile bio. It may be worth to paste a link to your website if you have one. If you target suitable group of people with InstaZood, they may be really interested with your link. 🙂

3. Add high-quality photos to your profile.

It concerns your posts as well as your profile picture. Quality of your photos is a major factor as it comes to getting real followers. If you post low-quality or dull photos, it will be hard for you to get thousands of real followers on Instagram. Quality is more important than quantity.

4. Set your account to public.

This is quite natural and reasonable – you will not get thousands real followers, likes and comments on Instagram if your account is set to private.

Moreover, it would take you long hours every day to accept every inquiry one by one…

5. Post consistently.

Maybe this rule is not the most important one, but regular posting helps to increase followers. If your posts get new likes day by day, it increases chances of being featured on Explore page.

6. Use hashtags for all of your photos.

Hashtags below your photos will help other people find your posts and your profile. Here are the lists of the most popular hashtags on Instagram:,

The minimum recommended number of hashtags per post is 2, the maximum number is 30. In practice, the highest engagement goes to posts that have 8 hashtags.

7. Add location information to your posts.

You can also get more Instagram followers by just adding geolocation to your videos and photos. There are many users who might be interested in other profiles and pictures taken in the same location. It may be worth to take this opportunity since you know about this feature.

8. Post at the right time of a day.

Once upon a time, I heard that the best time to post anything on social media is about 04:00-05:00 p.m. GMT. This is the time when people in almost every country are awake. On the other hand, there are people who have conducted researches concerning number of likes, comments and follows depending on the time of posting new pictures/videos.

Here you can find more information in this area:,

Additionally, Hopper HQ created a free tool that allows the analysis of the activity of your followers. Based on the gathered information, you can decide which time is best for posting.

9. Turn on Post Notifications on some profiles.

If you find any interesting profile, you should go there and turn Post Notifications on. How to do it?

Go to profile which you are interested in, tap 3 dots in the upper right-hand corner, and choose Turn On Post Notifications.

Instagram - Turn On Post Notifications

You should interact with at least some people if you want to keep a high level of followers, comments, and likes.

Obviously, there are also people who will unfollow you if you unfollow them (either manually or automatically with InstaZood). This is why it would be worth to interact with at least some of your followers.

As you maybe have read before, InstaZood has a feature called White list. You can add there those usernames which you don’t want to be unfollowed by the platform.

10. Post your media to other social media platforms like Facebook.

Instagram has an option to post your photos/videos on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. It is quite easy and this way you can easily increase your online visibility.

In order to share your post to other social media channels, go to the post you are going to share, tap 3 dots in the upper right-hand corner, tap Share and choose targeted social media channels.

11. Try videos, live videos, and Stories.

Insta Stories and live broadcasts also help maintain the interest of the followers. There are many accounts which, thanks to these features, not only maintain the interest of the current followers, but also constantly gain thousands of new ones.

12. Organize Instagram contests.

From time to time, you can organize contests with any prizes on Instagram. The condition for taking part in the competition may be, for example, to like your profile, like the post, add a comment or share your post with your username.

13. Ask questions in captions under posts.

The questions in captions under the posts make people answer them. In turn, greater activity under the posts leads to their promotion by the Instagram algorithms. In this way, your posts may reach more potential followers.

14. Use call to actions.

Call to Action (CTA) also increases activity and thus helps to bring additional traffic.

This method should be used together with the previous two advices.

Examples of call to actions may be: Like our profile, Share this photo, Write your opinion in a comment.

15. Use specific words.

If you run a profile in English or at least you have a lot of people from outside of your country, you can use words comment and like in captions. In combination with the three previous advices, they can increase engagement on your profile, and as a result your number of followers would be higher.

16. Use blue color on your photos.

If you associate individual colors with the emotions that accompany them, blue color combines with strength and trust. Some statistics say that photos in blue tones receive over 20% more reactions than other photos.

17. Post photos of people.

Photos showing people usually receive more comments and likes than other photos.

18. Comment on popular photos on popular profiles.

Commenting on popular posts on popular accounts can also help you get noticed by other Instagram users.

19. Join the so-called Instagram engagement groups on Facebook.

In order to join this type of group, all you need to do is search for the phrase instagram engagement on Facebook. Currently, there are several dozen such groups.

For more information, see this article.

20. Get traffic from outside of Instagram.

In the Internet era you have quite big chance to become a person that is a bit recognizable. If you take the challenge and you succeed, people will search for you by your name on both search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo), as well as on social networks.

In addition, links to profiles on social networks are usually very high in the results of search engines such as Google.

21. Paid advertising on Instagram.

You can also use paid ads on Instagram. This solution is neither too cheap nor too easy to implement, although there are people who gain a lot of followers thanks to this form of advertising.


2 Things Which You Should Avoid If You Want to Get More Followers on Instagram


1. Do not buy fake followers.

Buying followers can be very cheap today, but the problem is that they are almost always fake. It wouldn’t be nice to have 10,000 followers and about 50 likes under every post…

2. Do not buy Instagram services on Fiverr.

Maybe you’ve heard about this website before, maybe not. There are many offers on from people who “will professionally manage your Instagram account.” This management is based on asking you about your username and password, then they will use InstaZood or any other platform of this kind, and they will connect your Instagram account to it. And that’s all…

They will charge $30-$100 / month. Instead of paying so much money, you can go to InstaZood, sign up, connect your account, and you will get exactly the same results for just $9.99 / month!

Furthermore, you can get up to 20% discount as you have read above.

If you find that this article is helpful and interesting for you, you can like it, share it, and write a comment. Maybe it will also help your family and friends to get thousands real followers on their Instagram accounts!