How To Improve Your Concentration And Memory Skills

How To Improve Your Concentration Skills


Good concentration is one of the most important traits of successful people. It is important in job, in business, at work, and at university. How can you improve your concentration and memory skills? The most effective solutions are gathered below:

  • Take care of your diet – eat fruit, fish, and vegetables. Drink about 300 ml of water per 10 kg of your weight every day. 2 litres of water, which can be heard of or seen on TV, radio, and the Internet, is a huge generalization.
  • Avoid eating sugar and聽confectionery. They can give energy only for a short period of time. They have negative impact on your body, causing acidification of your body and some problems with your teeth and stomach.
  • Drink green tea, lemon balm, and ginseng.
  • Take supplements such as: lecithin, vitamin E, B vitamins, omega-3 fatty acid.
  • Take care of your physical activity – this will improve your circulation of blood and it will oxygenate your body.
  • Take breaks while working.
  • Avoid noises and everything what could distract your attention – radio, music, TV etc.
  • Sleep 7-8 hours every night – deprivation of sleep can have bad impact on your body.
  • Make a plan for every day.
  • Do what you like to do.
  • Notice that you can improve your concentration skills. In order to do it, count down from 100 to 1 (do it one by one or count down every 3 numbers: 100, 97, 94, …). You can also try to focus on any object for about 5 minutes and try to think only about this thing.
  • Listen to meditation and relaxation recordings.
  • Learn how to reduce your stress level.
  • Try to memorise different information (dates, phone numbers etc.) and repeat them in your mind from time to time. That way you will improve your memory and concentration skills.



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