How To Get Thousands Of Real Followers On Instagram

How To Get Thousands Of Real Followers On Instagram


As you may have noticed before, there are many Instagram accounts created not so long time ago and having thousands of real followers. There are also older accounts with small number of followers, likes and comments. What is the reason of that situation?

The answer is that there are people who don’t want to be recognizable and they don’t want to have more likes, comments and followers. There are also people who would like to get it, but don’t know how to do it.

I have a solution for the second group of people mentioned before. This solution is quite easy, cheap and effective, so let’s get started.

  • Click this link. When you visit it for the first time, you should additionally click “Sign up” and fill up a form. That way you will get access to InstaZood and get 3 free days for testing the platform.
  • After logging into your account, you should add your Instagram account to InstaZood. This is really easy – just type in your Instagram username, password and verification code received via email or SMS from Instagram. If the app on your smartphone shows an information that someone is trying to log into your account, click “Yes, it was me”.
  • Now, you should add your targetting information to the platform. InstaZood will be following another profiles and liking their photos on your behalf. As a result, those people will start following you and will be liking your photos. As a targetting information, you can choose: popular accounts (your competitors – those with photos similar to yours, but much higher number of followers and likes), hash-tags, locations (city/town, country, square, building etc.).


InstaZood Add Target

This platform shows you conversion rate of your targets. You can add about 20 targets and compare conversion rates. Then, you can use targets with the highest score and pause or even delete the rest of them.

There are a few other platforms similar to InstaZood. However, this one gives the best results, has nice and intuitive interface and costs only $9.99 / month. For such a low price you should gain between 10 and 200 new real followers every day.

Instagram allows you to follow up to 7500 profiles. Most of the platforms goes up to 7000 and then the unfollowing begins. InstaZood has a feature which allows you to exclude your friends and family from being unfollowed by the platform.

InstaZood also has a feature of automatic commenting photos. However, it will not improve your conversion in any significant way.

Below, you will find screenshots with optimal InstaZood settings. I have tested many platforms similar to this one in the last few months and InstaZood is by far the most effective solution. Furthermore, it is one of the cheapest.


InstaZood Settings 01
InstaZood Settings 02
InstaZood Settings 03
InstaZood Settings 04

You don’t have to change anything under “Comments” tab. You can only add there your own comments if you are interested in commenting.

You can try to set “Follow/day” and “Likes/day” to 1000 and “Follow/hour”, “Likes/hour” to 50. Do not exceed these values if you don’t want Instagram to block your account.

Also, try not to exceed 200 comments per day and 10 per hour if you would like to automatically comment photos.



How to Find Popular Accounts on Instagram


This part of the article was written for those who don’t know how to find popular accounts on Instagram. Let’s get started.

  • Open an Instagram app and tap the ‘Search’ icon. Search any hashtag relevant to your content. If your profile is about motorization, you can search ‘cars’.

Instagram 01

  • Tap photos in ‘Top Posts’ and check number of likes and followers.

Instagram 02 Instagram 03 Instagram 04

  • Tap the button which is located next to the ‘Follow’ button. Then, you will see suggested accounts with similar content.

Instagram 05

  • Go to those accounts and check whether they are suitable for your needs.

Instagram 06 Instagram 07

Below, you can see the same process for hashtag ‘porsche’.

Instagram 08 Instagram 09 Instagram 10

Instagram 11 Instagram 12 Instagram 13

There is also an example for hashtag ‘fitnessgirl’.

Instagram 14 Instagram 15 Instagram 16

Instagram 17 Instagram 18


Another way of finding popular accounts is to search desired hashtag and like at least 20 photos (the more, the better) – they can be recent posts or ‘Top Posts’. After that, tap the ‘Search’ icon and refresh the page. This is ‘Explore’ function and there you may find some popular accounts in your niche.

* The more photos you like, the more suggested photos (and profiles) you will see.

Instagram 19 Instagram 20

Instagram 21 Instagram 22

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