How To Find Your Lost Or Stolen Smartphone

How to Find Your Lost or Stolen Smartphone


Almost everyone uses smartphones nowadays. Have you ever wondered what to do if your smartphone was lost or stolen? There are a few methods for locating such device.

Every owner of Android smartphones can locate their devices using Find My Device by Google. Apple has also created similar service which is called Find My iPhone.

Some manufacturers of Android smartphones offer their own solutions. Sony users can activate a service called my Xperia (Settings -> Security -> Protection by my Xperia). In order to locate your device you should log into Samsung has created quite similar service – Find My Mobile.

There are also apps for Android and iOS which can help you find your lost or stolen smartphone. Well-known Kaspersky Internet Security offers amazing feature called Anti-Theft. It allows you to locate your device, lock it remotely, erase the memory, take photos, turn the alarm on. In case of replacing your SIM card by the thief you can receive an SMS with a location of your smartphone and a new phone number. You can easily set up your secondary phone number in app settings. Settings of this app are protected by the code of your choice. No one else will be able to remove this app without your secret code.

Kaspersky is one of the options you can choose from. There are also a few apps created just to help you find your lost or stolen Android device – Prey Anti Theft, Wheres My Droid, Cerberus. Below you will find examples of the best anti-theft apps for iOS: Prey Anti Theft, SecureIT Anti-theft & Security.

Another option is to visit AccuTracking. Their service is not free, but it is also quite interesting and worth trying.

All the apps mentioned above have very powerful features. They have been tested by millions of users. Maybe it is really good time for you to protect your device for the future.

* Apps and solutions described in this article can be helpful also for protecting tablets with Android and iOS.