How To Deal With Negative Emotions

How To Deal With Negative Emotions


Everyone has better and worse moments in their lives. How should you deal with negative emotions? In this article, you will find the best methods to do it.

  • Primarily you should realize that negative emotion has just appeared.
  • Next you should realize that there are no emotions lasting forever – even negative ones will go away after some time.
  • It is better to accept emotion as it is than fight against it.
  • When negative emotions come, you can take a break, do something else, go for a walk or just leave the room.
  • Emotions (especially negative ones) are usually associated with future or past events and situations. If you start focusing on present, you should eliminate negative emotions easier.
  • Deep breathing is one of the best ways to eliminate stress and negative emotions.
  • Physical activity (cycling, running, gym etc.) also helps in eliminating stress and bad emotions.
  • Relaxation and meditation recordings are also great solution.
  • When someone makes you angry, it is better to criticize their behaviour than that person.
  • Emotions (negative as well as positive ones) are caused by our interpretation of any situation. Let’s suppose we have a group of 100 people confronted with the same situation. Everyone will respond to it in a slightly different way. There are many factors influencing on that. So there is no rule like “any situation = specified emotion (anger, aggression, resentment etc.)”.
  • Your favourite music may help you eliminate negative emotions.
  • Sometimes honest conversation with your immediate person can be helpful.
  • When bad emotions come, it is worth to look at the situation from a distance – as a third person.
  • The last advice is quite similar to the previous one. It is called ‘camera test’. In the first step of this method you should describe your situation or any event on paper. Next you should eliminate all of the emotions and leave only facts – that should be described as the camera would see it.
How To Deal With Negative Emotions
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