How To Be Happy

How To Become Happy


Happiness is one of the things (actually it is feeling or emotion) which everyone needs and is looking for in life. What to do to become happy? How to find happiness? In this article, you will find the most important rules allowing you to become happy. Most of them are repeated in another articles in the field of Personal Development, but those rules are real key to success and happiness.

  • Avoid negative thoughts and news – I would suggest you to resign from watching, listening to and reading news on the Internet. Almost every information in news is negative. Reading, listening and watching such information can influence your mind and you might start thinking negatively about your future.
  • It is worth to focus on present. If you spend too much time thinking about future or past, it will be hard for you to become happy.
  • Reduce stress level according to the rules given in this article.
  • Focus on your advantages and your past successes.
  • You can have good memories written on a paper and remind them to yourself from time to time.
  • Be grateful and appreciate what you have now.
  • Get involved in your job or hobby.
  • Do what you like to do.
  • Have healthy, proper diet. Deficiency of some minerals and vitamins such as B vitamins, vitamin D and folic acid can cause bad mood and depression.
  • Listen to meditation and relaxation recordings (you can find them easily on YouTube).
  • Sleep about 8 hours a night. You can sleep 5-6 hours for rather short period of time. Sleep deprivation can be harmful for your mind and body in the long run.
  • Smile irrespective of your mood. According to the current knowledge you can improve your emotional state that way.
  • Regular physical activity can improve your mood and make you happier.
  • Sometimes you can go on a trip and change your surroundings.
  • Help others. If you do something good or bad for someone, it may come back to you. Not necessarily from the same person, but it should after some time.
  • Forgive yourself and others. If you spend time pondering on past, it won’t make you happy.
  • Stop comparing yourself to others. Everyone is better in something than others and worse in something else than they are. If you often compare yourself to others, you can be blocked from achieving happiness.