How To Backup Your Data From Computer, Smartphone Or Laptop

How To Backup Your Data From Computer, Smartphone Or Laptop


Better life is not only about personal development and self improvement. In order to live better and become happier, you should also care about other aspects of your life. This article is just about one of them.

Nowadays, people store quite big amount of data on their devices such as Macs, PCs, smartphones or laptops. How to protect your data against their loss? One of the easiest and the most effective solutions is to make a backup. There are a few possibilities how to do it.

The first solution is to use a service called cloud backup. Fast Internet connections are very helpful if you’d like to take this option. Anyway, you don’t have to create 1:1 backup. You can copy only the most important files. In case of a breakdown, fire, hacker/virus/ransomware attack, it’s worth (and sometimes it is the only option) to install your operating system and the applications anew, and just copy your files from a backup. There are at least a few services for storing your data in the cloud. One of the best and the most cost effective is iDrive. This service helps you create backups of different devices such as PC, Mac, smartphone, laptop. Then you can access your data using the Internet. iDrive also helps you synchronize your data between your devices and create automatic backups of newly created and modified files.

If you prefer another solutions, you can backup your files on USB flash drives or external hard drives. They are quite cheap, capacious, and easily available these days.

You can be wondering why you should create any backup. Unfortunately, there is always a risk that you can lose your data – an attack of a virus/hacker/ransomware, fire, flood, accidental damage of your hardware, failure of your hard drive. Study shows that people usually start thinking about making backups when they lose their data…

How to predict that your hard drive may be broken down in the near future? There are a few applications created just for this purpose – for example HDDlife or Hard Disk Sentinel. One of the best apps of this kind is Ashampoo HDD Control (especially version 2).

So better safe than sorry – just find the best solution for you and secure your data now 🙂