How The Law Of Attraction Works

How Does The Law Of Attraction Work


If you are interested in personal development for a longer period of time, maybe you’ve heard about the book and the movie called “The Secret”. What is the secret and how does it work if it really works?

The Law of Attraction is a concept saying that you attract to your life what you spend the most time thinking about. According to “The Secret” if you spend much time thinking about what you want to achieve, then you will get it in your life. This is true in some sense, but here we should add 3 important points to the rule given above:

  • Negative and positive thinking generate and send some energy from your mind and body. If you are focusing on negative things, you are sending bad energy and driving that way to negative results. Thinking about bad health, lack of money etc. drives to more lack.
  • You have to believe in your plans and your dreams. If you don’t believe it, you can be blocked from achieving what you want.
  • If we want to achieve something important, only thinking about it is not enough. When you have a dream and plan and you believe it, you should start acting. There is no magical power which would make you health, rich and happy without your effort.


How to focus on positive things and how to start thinking and acting in a proper way? In order to do it you can read another articles in the field of Personal Development, where you can find some knowledge for free as well as great books and courses.