5 Best Mental Health Apps For Everyone (2020)

Best Mental Health Apps For Everyone

Undergoing a mental health condition is not only challenging but expensive too. Fortunately, mobile development has made it easy for patients by providing mental health apps to help manage these conditions. Not everyone can afford licensed social workers, therapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists. Therefore, mental health apps are there not replace these health experts are there to make these services accessible to everyone at affordable.

You may have overcome the social stigma, but another obstacle is finding an affordable in-person therapist who will see you through your condition. Scheduling flexible therapy sessions is also a problem especially when you are working from 9 to 5. With mental health apps, you can get rid of several of these obstacles. This article will give you 5 best mental health apps to help patients cope with mental conditions.


5 Best Mental Health Apps In 2020


1. Breethe (iOS, Android)



You won’t many mental health apps as comprehensive as Breethe. This is a mindfulness coach tool with numerous content to help you cope or get rid of anxiety and depression. If you are having trouble sleeping due to stress, you can try any of its music playlists that help soothe your mind. That’s not all, they all also offer nature sounds, guided meditations, bedtime readings, and even hypnotherapy sessions. It has all the tools to help you relax and recharge by giving your access to personal growth experts, inspirational talks from mindfulness coaches and pull up a breathing exercise. To unlock all features, you will have to part with $12.50/month (iOS, Android)


2. Simple Habit


Simple Habit

Many people ignore meditation thinking that it’s a waste of valuable time and their busy schedules won’t allow them. Simple Habits, you only need 5 minutes every day of meditation to help you cope with depression, stress, or anxiety. The app offers several specialized for specific symptoms like depression, anxiety or stress. You also get mediation to counter situations such as tough days at work, insomnia, and commuting. Its notable feature is On-The-Go mode, where the app asks you what you are doing, and offers the right meditation for the moment.


3. Headspace



This is the perfect mental health app for those who are curious to try meditation and a bit hesitant on where to start. It’s a great app a very simple interface that features therapy sessions led by former monk and mindfulness expert Andy Puddicombe. What I like about this app is the way it gently pushes the patient into the ocean of mental health benefits of meditation. If you are struggling with meditation, then this is the right app to help you. The app helps you manage and control anxiety.


4. 10% Happier


10% Happier

If you are a bit skeptical about meditation, this app will convince you otherwise with practice. What makes it reliable too when dealing with anxiety and depression is its numerous topics which range from politics to falling asleep. This mental health app was developed by two people – Dan Harris, who is a television anchor and meditation teacher Joseph Goldstein. Notable features include personal coaching from real meditation experts who will help you answer any questions you have about meditation. There is also a catalog of content with weekly updates to keep practices fresh and refined. Unlocking all features costs $11.99/month (iOS, Android)


5. Waking Up


Created by Sam Harris, a famous neuroscientist, author, philosopher, and star podcaster, the Waking Up meditation app thrives where other mental health apps don’t. The app focuses more on what you will gain from it in the long run plus it helps you improve your revelations. It helps mental patients to make discoveries about their potential in solving the mental health issues themselves. To train yourself, the app offers daily guided meditations and short podcast talks from Sam Harris on mindfulness, science, and philosophy. Harris takes his mental health app steps further by offering a money-back guarantee. If you are patient and you finish a 50-day course in less than 90 days, and couldn’t get solutions to your mental health issues, he will refund you back your money. Cost to unlock all features: $11.99/month (iOS, Android).




If you have suffered or still suffering from mental health conditions, then you know how challenging it is to find help. Fortunately, mental health apps are easily accessible and quite affordable. However, it doesn’t mean you discontinue your therapy session from an expert if you can afford. The apps are not here to replace therapists and psychologists but assist those who can access them easily.