Best Flight Comparison Search Engine

Best Flight Comparison Search Engine


Before every travel by airplane you have a few options concerning planning your journey. You can find a travel agency. You can find your favourite and most trustworthy airline’s website (such as British Airways, Lufthansa, Air France etc.) and book your tickets there. You may also use one of a flight comparison search engines available on the Internet.

The best websites where you can compare many different options concerning your journey and choose the best one are listed below:


Each of search engines given above gives you possibility to look for flights in economy class as well as a business class. After receiving results you will find a few important and interesting information such as: departure time, arrival time, total time of your journey, airline’s name, number of stops during the flight.

Every flight has a price given on the website. The price is displayed using currency relevant to your web browser’s and operating system’s language. Obviously you can display the price in any other currency.

Flights can be sorted by prices of the tickets, time of journey, number of stops, airline’s name or departure/arrival time.

Google Flights is the fastest search engine from the websites given above. Yet it is not the best choice if you want to find the cheapest flights. In that case the best choice for you should be Momondo.

Aside from flight connections you can book a hotel room or rent a car in your destination using websites given above (except from Google Flights).

During the next few weeks you will find on my blog another article concerning booking hotel rooms in different countries of the world.