Best Domain Registrar 2020

Best Domain Names Registrar

If you want to create any website, you need a domain name and hosting. I have posted a separate article about the best web hosting providers on my blog. Today, I will answer the question “Which company will be the best choice in the process of registering domain name?”.


Best Domain Registrar 2020


These days there are many well-known companies registering Internet domains. In this article I will discuss a few of them deserving special attention.


1. Namecheap



As the name suggests – the domain can be purchased really cheap compared to the services of the competition. The user interface is quite easy to use. The registration process is also fast and simple. You can connect the domain to any provider without a problem.

Namecheap, in addition to domain registration, also allows the purchase of hosting. However, I recommend two other companies for this purpose.

Another important feature of Namecheap is the easy management of DNS server settings.

Namecheap - DNS settings 01

Namecheap - DNS settings 02

Proper configuration of DNS servers is one of the mandatory stages of creating any website.

Returning to the subject of domain registration, let’s now move to the second company on the list.



2. OVH



The company was established in France just before the end of the 20th century. Currently, it operates in many countries around the world.

Just like the number 1 on my list, OVH also offers very low registration and domain renewal rates – for domains with .com extension, this is a sum of about $10 per year.

Managing DNS server settings is also not too complicated in this case.

OVH - DNS settings

Important: Although OVH is operating worldwide, their American website is not offering registering domain names.



3. SiteGround


SiteGround - homepage

This is the company that I had used for over 2 years since creation of my blog.

The quality of service and technical support provided by SiteGround are of a very high standard.

The factor which decided to move my sites to another hosting provider was too high prices in SiteGround.

In June 2018 server fee was increased from 23.95 EUR to 29.95 EUR per month (VAT has to be added to these prices). Cloudways is offering a server that costs just $10 a month, and this is much better option compared to any other company.

The annual cost of extending domain name with .pl extension is EUR 16.95 + VAT at SiteGround. At OVH, maintaining the same domain costs about 10-15 USD per year.

Another reason for moving the domain was lack of possibility to connect it to the server managed by Cloudways.



4. GoDaddy



This is one of the largest and most known hosting and domain registration companies in the world.

The great advantage of this platform is availability of domains with various extensions.

In turn when I tried to transfer the .pl domain from SiteGround to GoDaddy, an unexpected message appeared on the screen indicating that the domain with this extension could not be transferred.

GoDaddy - pl domains cannot be transferred

This is written in Polish, but I will translate it for everyone.

Transfer a Domain

Transfer your domain name to GoDaddy.

Below is the field with my domain name, and there’s also a sentence written in red font.

Domains with this extension cannot be transferred.

(There are also two buttons: Continue and Cancel.)

Unfortunately, this is NOT true.

Here’s the proof that I have transferred that domain name from SiteGround to OVH.


Comparison Of The Cost Of Domain Registration And Maintenance With Exemplary Registrars


Below are screenshots showing the costs of maintaining a domain with .com extension. The difference in prices is not terribly large, but with a larger number of owned domains it would take on greater significance.

Namecheap – 10.98 USD per year.

Namecheap - domain registration

SiteGround – 15.95 USD yearly.

SiteGround - domain registration

GoDaddy – 11.99 USD for the first year and 14.99 USD for each subsequent year.

GoDaddy - domain registration

As you can see, Namecheap offers the lowest rates for domain maintenance.

As you may have noticed before, it is also worth having domains registered with OVH.

When it comes to .pl domain registration, OVH is the best choice for me. SiteGround and GoDaddy charge much more for maintaining domain names. Namecheap, however, does not allow registration of domain names with some well-known extensions.


How To Check The Information About Any Registered Domain Name


Each internet domain must be registered for a specific company or person. As a result, there are sites on the network that allow you to check information for any domain name. One of the best tools of this type is


There you can check when the domain was registered for the first time, the date of potential expiration, who is the owner of the domain and which company registered that domain.

However, if someone would like to hide their personal data (name, surname, address of residence or business address, email address, telephone number, etc.), there is such an option. Namecheap offers it at no extra charge. This function is called WhoisGuard.

An alternative to registering new domains can also be buying a domain from its previous owner. If would like to choose this option, you can go to GoDaddy or Sedo.

Other aspects of creating websites are described in other articles in sections Blogging and IT.