AliveBetter’s List of Tools (2019)

AliveBetter's List Of Tools

Every blogger has his/her own set of tools (hosting, themes, plugins etc.) which he/she uses on a daily basis.

In this article, you will find almost every tool used on AliveBetter blog.


1. Hosting


Originally, both my blogs ( and were hosted on SiteGround’s GoGeek account. This type of a server can handle about 100,000 monthly visitors. In October 2019, I switched to SiteGround’s Cloud Hosting. However, it turned out not to be especially cost-effective solution.

Since October 22, 2019, both my blogs are hosted at Kinsta.


2. WordPress Theme


Since the year 2016, I’ve tested more than 5 different WordPress themes. Most of them were paid, premium templates which were supposed to be perfect. They turned out to be such “perfect” that I finally switched to free version of Astra theme.

Now, I can see that I do not need to look for another WordPress theme anymore!

Truth to tell, if you are going to buy any WordPress premium theme, you are going to waste your money... Click To Tweet


3. WordPress Plugins


At the time of writing this article, there are more than 54,000 free WordPress plugins available in the official plugins directory.

AliveBetter is using about 40 great WordPress plugins at the moment. Most of them were chosen as a better alternative for any other plugin which turned out to be a low-quality work.


4. Keyword Research Tool


Among all free and paid keyword research tools available these days, absolutely the best one for me is KWFinder.

This tool offers all the necessary features, user-friendly interface, quite accurate data, and a very good price.

The second keyword research tool of my choice is the tool described below. That tool was not designed for keyword research only but for much more.


5. Backlink Analysis, Competitor Analysis


Ahrefs is a really amazing tool which is offering tens or hundreds of options and functionalitites. It’s a fact that it costs a lot of money, but if I could recommend you only one tool which you should use, it would be definitely Ahrefs.


6. Other Useful Tools