100,000 Monthly Visitors Challenge

alivebetter.com - homepage - 2019

On August 26, 2019, to my own and other people’s surprise, I decided to return to the AliveBetter blog.

During the previous 3 years of existence of the blog, it has not been particularly popular. My main goal for the next 12 months is to reach 100,000 visits a month on both my blogs in total. I do not hide, however, that I will strive to reach 100,000 monthly visits at www.alivebetter.pl and second 100,000 monthly visitors at www.alivebetter.com.

In the first week of each month I will update this article with traffic statistics for the previous month. So the first update will appear in early October 2019 and will apply to September 2019.

An additional curiosity is the fact that both of my blogs are hosted on shared hosting at SiteGround. It will allow me to show my readers how much traffic that hosting can handle.

Welcome to my blog again! 🙂


Update 1 – October 2019


Google Analytics – Traffic Statistics


In September 2019, the alivebetter.com blog gathered around 30,000 visitors.

Although the first two weeks were not such great, from mid-September blog traffic has increased dramatically in just 3 days!

alivebetter.com - Google Analytics - traffic statistics - September 2019

So, as you can see – regular publishing of high-quality content, sharing them on social media profiles, and using appropriate plugins and tools brings the expected results. ?

The average time spent on the site is quite good. Of course, the higher the value here, the better for the owner of the blog ? Almost one minute is not the best and not the worst result.

In turn, the bounce rate is the percentage of people who left the blog after seeing only one of its subpages (without clicking any links to other subpages). In this case, the closer the value is to zero, the better.

Generally, a bounce rate below 50% is considered to be a good value. 33.90% is therefore a very good value.

Below are the statistics for the alivebetter.pl blog.

alivebetter.pl - Google Analytics - traffic statistics - September 2019

In September 2019, it was visited by slightly more than 1,100 people.

A clear increase in traffic can be seen on the last day of September.

The bounce rate on a Polish-language blog is very similar to that of the English version.

The time spent on the website is twice as long, which is a great news for me.


Authority Of The Blog – DA, PA, DR, UR


The authority of any website is mainly evaluated using four values ​​- DA (Domain Authority), PA (Page Authority), DR (Domain Rating) and UR (URL Rating). The first two of them were developed by Moz, the other two by Ahrefs.

All 4 values ​​are measured on a scale of 0 to 100. The higher the value, the better. However, you should not expect to reach 99/100 or 100/100. In practice, values ​​from 70-80 and up are really very high and quite difficult and time consuming to achieve.

According to rankz.io DA and PA of alivebetter.com on October 1, 2019 is 33 and 26 respectively. For the blog alivebetter.pl it is 11 and 27 respectively.

alivebetter - DA PA - September 2019

DR and UR for alivebetter.com are 40 and 10.

alivebetter.com - DR UR - September 2019

For alivebetter.pl they are equal to 1.5 and 5.

alivebetter.pl - DR UR - September 2019


Estimated Domain Value


One of the best tools for valuing Internet domains is Free Valuator.

On October 1, 2019, the value of the alivebetter.com domain is estimated at USD 316.58.

alivebetter.com - domain value - September 2019

The value of the alivebetter.pl domain is estimated at just USD 7.85.

alivebetter.pl - domain value - September 2019


Server Load


SiteGround declares that the GoGeek server should handle up to 100,000 unique visitors per month. This declaration seems to be true, because with traffic exceeding 30,000 visits per month, the server load is still very low.

alivebetter - SiteGround GoGeek - server load - September 2019


The next update of this article will appear at the beginning of November. Maybe all the values will go up, maybe down.

And that would be enough in the part regarding September. I invite you again to this article in a month, and in the meantime to read the rest of the published entries. ?


Update 2 – November 2019


Google Analytics – Traffic Statistics


In October 2019, alivebetter.com was visited by almost 40,000 people.

alivebetter.com - Google Analytics - traffic statistics - October 2019

Traffic quality was very good.

alivebetter.pl had over 14,000 visitors.

alivebetter.pl - Google Analytics - traffic statistics - October 2019

The quality of traffic was even better compared to alivebetter.com.

Summing up, my both domains had 53,000 visitors during October.


Authority Of The Blog – DA, PA, DR, UR


DA and PA of both my blogs are identical as a month ago.

alivebetter - DA PA - October 2019

DR, UR, and Ahrefs rank were slightly improved.

alivebetter.com - DR UR - October 2019

alivebetter.pl - DR UR - October 2019


Estimated Domain Value


Values of my domains estimated by Free Valuator have not changed at all.

alivebetter.com - domain value - October 2019

alivebetter.pl - domain value - October 2019


Server Load


In October 2019, I had some issues with SiteGround hosting resources limits.

GoGeek account was to weak to handle smoothly 2,000-3,000 daily visitors.

SiteGround - resources usage - 18.10.2019

SiteGround - CPU time limit exceeded

Cloud hosting also wasn’t powerful enough.

SiteGround - cloud hosting - CPU usage 02

SiteGround - cloud hosting - RAM usage 02

Finally, I decided to move both my blogs to Kinsta.

Since then, I do not have to worry about CPU and RAM limits anymore. 🙂


Update 3 – December 2019


Since this update, I will not be publishing any statistics about my Polish blog (www.alivebetter.pl) since I decided not to run it anymore.

It was just not lucrative enough and was not prospering good for the future.


Google Analytics – Traffic Statistics


In November 2019, alivebetter.com was visited by just 10,000 people.

alivebetter.com - Google Analytics - traffic statistics - November 2019

Although it’s not a huge number of visitors, the quality of the traffic was exceptionally good.


Authority Of The Blog – DA, PA, DR, UR


DA and PA metrics of my blog went up by 1 point comparing to the previous month.

alivebetter - DA PA - Novermber 2019

DR and UR also went up by 1 point.

alivebetter.com - ahrefs - 2019-12-02

Ahrefs rank increased by almost 100,000 during the last 30 days.


Estimated Domain Value


Domain value estimated by FreeValuator is the same as it was a month ago.

alivebetter.com - domain value - November 2019

Since my blog is hosted at Kinsta, there is nothing to say about server load anymore. 🙂