100,000 Monthly Visitors Challenge

alivebetter.com - homepage - 2019

With the beginning of the year 2020, I decided to start 100,000 monthly visitors challenge.

During the first 3 years of existence of the blog, it has not been particularly popular (mostly due to my lack of knowledge about blogging).

My main goal for the next 12 months is to reach 100,000 monthly visitors on my blog.

In the first week of each month I will update this article with traffic statistics for the previous month. So the first update will appear in early February 2020 and will apply to January 2020.

As it comes to hosting provider, my blog is hosted at Kinsta, so I will not have to worry about exceeding of available server resources. 🙂

It’s enough for this introduction.

You are all welcome to go back to this article in the coming months! 🙂


Update 1 – February 2020


Google Analytics – Traffic Statistics


In January 2020, AliveBetter blog was visited by 1,123 users.

60.4% of the traffic was a direct traffic, 22.7% – referral, 15.5% – organic traffic (mostly Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo), and the rest (1.4%) was a social traffic (mainly from Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest).

alivebetter.com - Google Analytics - traffic statistics - January 2020

alivebetter.com - Google Analytics - traffic distribution - January 2020


Google Search Console – Performance


Each future update will contain a screenshot from my Google Search Console account with my blog’s performance from the previous 3 months.

And this is the screenshot taken in the first week of February 2020.

alivebetter.com - Google Search Console - February 2020


Authority Of The Blog by Moz


This section will contain DA and PA (Domain Authority, Page Authority) values measured by Moz.

And here’s the link to the tool shown in the screenshot below.

alivebetter.com - DA PA - February 2020


Authority Of The Blog by Ahrefs


Ahrefs is, in general, very good and helpful tool for bloggers and marketers. However, their algorithm of calculating Ahrefs Rank had been quite inaccurate till the first week of February 2020. Click To Tweet

How do I know that?

Previously, my site was very high in their ranking – my DR was equal to 44, and my rank was about 1,148,000.

Just a day before writing this update, I noticed that my blog suddenly dropped down like a stone. 😮

Now it ranks about 4,440,000, and my DR went down from 44 to 28. 😮

I haven’t lost any backlinks, I haven’t lost any traffic.

They even went up!

Initially, it was pretty odd and frustrating for me, but now their algorithm should be much more accurate, and DR, UR are much closer to the values measured by Moz.

alivebetter.com - ahrefs - February 2020

As it comes to the metrics presented by Ahrefs, you should mainly take a look at the number of organic keywords, organic traffic estimation and the traffic value. Click To Tweet

The last two values are usually underestimated, but they go in the right direction.

DR, UR, number of referring domains and backlinks, and Ahrefs Rank are slightly less important.

If you have a lot of keywords in Google search results and you have a big traffic which allows you to make some money, why would you worry about some other values?


Estimated Domain Value


For estimating any website’s value, I can recommend you using only one tool – siteprice.org.

alivebetter.com - domain value - siteprice.org - February 2020

As you can see above, this tool estimated my blog’s value to be about 1,299 USD.

When I tried to do some estimations using a few other tools on the same day, I got such interesting results as $330 and even less than $100! 😮 😮

GoDaddy’s Domain Appraisal Tool goes to another extremum – it shows almost 3,000 USD. Unfortunately, this estimation cannot be accurate any way since it based on just one factor – domain’s name with its extension.

siteprice.org, on the other hand, does the estimation based on website’s organic traffic and its popularity in social media which makes the estimated domain value much more accurate.


Update 2 – March 2020